Starting an online business for beginners: Common Pitfalls. 

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5 Steps You Can Take To Ensure Success

It is a wonderful idea to start up an online business, the internet has a very large pool of resources and it contains multiple ways to earn a living. However, like all endeavors, there are certain pitfalls and errors that beginners and newbies are susceptible to. These errors are usually realized in hindsight. We have however compiled a list of some of these errors to enable you to avoid them totally, this will help you run your online business smoothly and without going through what most newbie businesses encounter

1. Being without a clearly defined plan

Several times people jump into getting a website without having a plan as to how exactly they intend to maximize it to make a profit. It is important that you have a target audience, a niche, an established monetization or marketing strategy.

By starting an online business without proper planning will  waste a lot of your time which you  will spend trying out several methods and systems.

2. Too much focus on perfection

Starting an online business requires a lot of effort along various lines. Many times, new business owners or bloggers spend too much time trying to perfect all the little details rather than getting the business up and moving. This eventually slows down the growth of the business. Ensure that you move on to important things as quickly as possible, and leave minor details for later. The principle is simply to spend more time on what will bring in more results.

3. Ignoring the importance of customer service

This is a common pitfall among newbies in the world of business.  Many times people put off effective and efficient customer service till when they think the business has grown big enough. However, the truth remains that one sure way to keep people coming to your website or social media page is to make them feel special at their very first contact with you.

4. Spreading across too many social media platforms

Another major pitfall by beginning online businesses is that of social media. Social media is a great tool for advertisement, however, without proper and well-concentrated efforts it could fail in this respect. The best way to manage and efficiently use social media is to focus on one or two and build a following on them rather than trying to be engaged in all of them at once.

5. Lack of uniqueness

Online businesses are quite common nowadays, it has therefore increased the competition and the need to ensure that your business is unique. Several online business owners sell and market exactly the same thing and this affects the income. You must ensure that whatever you are bringing to the field is unique enough to ensure that you get the following and love of others.


The internet has become a serious market place, thereby making it ripe for all the online businesses that are set up. However, there are mistakes that could injure these plans. With this list, we are assured that you now know the major mistakes and how best to avoid them. 

We would love to hear your own thoughts about our guides and maybe you can share some ideas that we may have forgotten.  Leave a comment down the bottom and don’t forget to Live Your Best Day, everyday.


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